Murtaza and Rahim Damoon

This father and son duo will present traditional Afghani style folk music with lyric content drawn from Sufi mystic love poems of Jalaludin Rumi (13th century Persia), Bedil Dehlavi (18th century India) and Ghulam Nabi Ashqari (20th century Afghanistan).

Rahim Damoon is a disciple of Ustad Hashem Khan who was a great tabla master from Afghanistan. He is also an accomplished and well known vocalist and plays harmonium to accompany his singing.


His son, Murtaza Damoon, who will accompany him with tabla, first studied under him from the age of 7.  At an early age he became a disciple of Ustad Zamir Ahmed Khan of Farukhabad Gharana (a traditional style of tabla playing). He later became the disciple of the legendary maestro Pandit Kumar Bose of Benaras Gharana. Murtaza has performed on multiple international platforms with different genres of music.